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Where we've been the last 12 months

Concept Video February 2012
VideoICAST Update FEB 2012
Henry Ford to YouTube - MFG. Assembly Line
Michigan Turnaround Submission MAR 2012
Timing of Experiments and Launch
VideoICAST Update JAN 2013

How to Shoot your Property Videos taken from VideoFSBO

How to Shoot a Summary Video
Perch your Smart Device or use Tripod
How to shoot Street View / Front Yard Features
How to Shoot Entrance Living Dining Features
How to Shoot Kitchen Features
Zoom or Pan Smoothly
How to Shoot Bathroom and Hallway Features
Many videos will work even if some mistakes made
How to Shoot Master Bedroom Features
Remind People to
How to Shoot Finished Basement Features
Describe what could be done with features
How to Shoot Utility Laundry Features
Don't Shoot in Portrait - must be Landscape
How to Shoot Garage Drive Features
Be specific about improvements

Past Information Videos about ICAST in previous versions before video automation

ICAST Update - 2003
Non Video BASED / Non Automated versions
Using Video to wash your car before you sell
ICAST Update 2003 - Prof. Silvernail's Gallery

Pure Michigan Native Michigander Innovation

Why Michigan?
Heritage of Innovation - Henry Ford
The Artful Life in Grand Rapids
Experience Life's Canvas
Treasures of our Heritage as a People
Hentry Ford Historical Eco-Tourism